This week we had a really exciting challenge! BB FITNESS is a brand new personal training studio based in Newcastle and we had the pleasured of building their website for them and I can't stress enough how happy we were with it!

We took inspiration from the BB FITNESS warehouse and went with a really rustic, urban warehouse theme, so that everything ties into one! Blacks, reds and brick colour schemes were added into the digital design and we really feel we nailed this project! We added several features

such as a book online section, and we made sure online payments could be taken too.

We believe image is everything with website design and the colours used all complement each other so well.

I think my favourite bit of this site has to be the use of imagery. The Studio is fantastic and really compliments the logo and the brand image. But mo

Many cash only businesses have all had this experience where a customer comes for a service, expecting to be able to pay by card but you don't have a card terminal for them to pay on, which results in you sending your customer down the road for a cash machine, not sure if the customer will actually turn back up! Having a section where you can take payments through yo