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Why Should You Hire a Graphic Design Company?

While opening a new business, people tend to think that they can save some money and do everything themselves. However, this is never being the wisest decision.

It will be good for the business bank balance because you won't have a huge outgoing before you have even opened for business, but it won't really be good for anything else. This is because you won't brand yourself very well, when you are new to the business.


When discussing about branding, it means that you have something that people instantly recognise as you. For example, every time people see a tick logo or the words “just do it”, they instantly know that it is a Nike product, without having to see the label.

This is exactly what you need to do really. You need a brand that is instantly recognisable. Once you have done this in right manner, you have taken the first vital step in making your business a success.


Now, to design a logo, you should hire a professional graphic design agency because they know exactly what they are doing. You might think that you are perfectly capable of making a logo yourself, but do you know:

What is the size?

What is the format?

How big it is?

What information included?

If the answer to any of above questions is no, then you have to hire an agency to design your logo. Customers can tell instantly when someone has designed their own logo because it looks cramped and there is too much information involved.

On a logo, there is an image and the name of the company or business; that is it. Even if you have a tagline for the company, you should not try to cram it on a simple logo design.

A design agency would know this exactly and they will get it right the first time. If you do not have the funds to hire a design agency at first, then it is better for you to start off without a logo and just have the name of your company as a simple font.

More Branding

So, say you have a store, a website, a stall on a market and a shop on eBay, the next thing you have to make sure that the branding is the same. Therefore, your logo should appear on everything that you consider is a part of your company or business.

Even if the website is not necessarily related to your company per se, you should have the logo there because it is part of the company. For instance, if you have a website that sells your products, but you have a YouTube channel where you upload videos about things that you like, you should also label your YouTube channel with your logo and brand it within the company.

Time Consuming

One of the more basic reasons that you should hire a design agency is that doing all the work yourself is very tedious as well as time consuming. If you have never used Photoshop or Pixelmator before then it will take you a while to learn the process for logos, banners, newsletters or even icons for your website.

You will waste plenty of time doing it yourself, therefore you need to think about whether the cost is worth the time. Would you pay an agency a fee for branding and designing, if it meant that you had a lot more time to do something else? The answer will probably be yes and you will be thankful that you chose to pay a design agency.

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